A sturdy bare wood home to be treated with Fire Kote 100™ 1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallon Pail & 55 Gallon Drum of Fire Kote 100



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Meets or exceeds ASTM E-84, ASTM E-108, NFPA 255, NFPA 703, UL 723 & UBC 42-1
  • For all untreated wood surfaces requiring a fire rating of Class A.
  • Covers 200 sq. ft. per gallon with instructed application.
  • Can be used as spray or applied by paint roller or brush.
Comes in a 1, 5, 55 and 220 gallon containers.
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The Worlds Best Number One Flame Protection Agent and Smoke Inhibitor

Skelleton framed home to be treated with Fire Kote 100 Flame Retardant

At its inception, Fire Kote 100™ set a new industry precedent for flame retardant finish and applications and to this day still reigns supreme. Because it can be used on all types of construction-grade and other common building materials including—but not limited to—lumber, plywood, spruce, cedar, scaffolding, and soffits, people throughout the world depend on Fire Kote 100™. In addition to being applied to both exterior and interior surfaces, this spray-on flame retardant finish can also be used for pressure impregnation. Whether its soft wood or hard wood, Fire Kote 100™ is a fire protection must.

Properties and Benefits

With intumescent action, the clear, water-based formula is designed to penetrate into the deep recesses of wood surfaces. Known and praised throughout the world as the best possible flame and fire retardant this product reduces the spread of smoke and flames by 70% and higher.

Flame Retardant Finish

Customers also love Fire Kote 100™ because it leaves treated surfaces protected from more than just fire. The non-toxic formula not only helps fight against mold buildup and mildew, but even keep bugs away and defends against damaging UV rays.

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